Transportation to Work - Regional Dispersion

Transportation to Work - Regional Dispersion

Travel from one county to another to work

There is a lot of movement for employment; there are a lot of people travelling to other counties to work. Some counties send a lot of workers to other counties and some keep most of their workers near home. 

Some counties such as Huron and Oxford have a large proportion of their workers going to other counties. For Huron County, 27% of workers travel to another county and for Oxford County 32% of workers travel to another county to work. 

Some counties keep their workers at home, including Middlesex and Lambton, where only 10% leave the county to work. 

Of course, leaving the county might mean travelling long distances or only a few kilometers. 

While the net gain for Perth County is 2740, the net loss for Huron County is 2100. What accounts for this? Here are some hypotheses.

Perhaps, if housing is available amd less expensive in one county, but appealing jobs were available in another, workers might travel from one county to another to work. Perhaps, couples who choose to live in one county have jobs in two different counties. What do you think?

  Stay PutTravel Out% Travelling OutTravel InNetFar Away Destinations
Huron 15,3355,700273,600-2100Toronto - 70, Oxford - 75, Hamilton - 20
Perth 25,2506,645219,3852,740Toronto - 170, Hamilton - 30, Simcoe - 25, York - 20
Huron to Perth2,355      
Perth to Huron825      
Waterloo 192,33538,6151737,880-725 
Waterloo to Huron105      
Huron to Waterloo475      
Waterloo to Perth1,875      
Perth to Waterloo2,970      
Middlesex 162,17518,7901022,9354,145 
Middlesex to Huron1,135      
Huron to Middlesex1,010      
Middlesex to Perth 1,990      
Perth to Middlesex815      
Oxford 31,13514,8253215,535710 
Oxford to Huron 60      
Huron to Oxford75      
Oxford to Perth1,630      
Perth to Oxford710      
Wellington 67,77028,4253029,8651,440Waterloo - 10825, Toronto - 2290
Wellington to Huron100      
Huron to Wellington340      
Wellington to Perth900      
Perth to Wellington820      
Lambton 41,2954,730103,810-920 
Lambton to Huron380      
Huron to Lambton380      
Lambton to Perth55      
Perth to Lambton0      
Bruce 18,1105,90525   
Bruce to Huron775      
Huron to Bruce840      
Bruce to Perth160      
Perth to Bruce60      
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