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EarlyON Child and Family Centres

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EarlyON Child and Family Centres
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Perth 2019 Number of Children Served 1681
Perth 2019 Number of Visits made by Children 18398
Perth 2019 Number of Parents/Caregivers Served 1377
Perth 2019 Number of Visits made by Parents/Caregivers 14130
Huron 2019 Number of children registered 1323
Huron 2019 Number of child visits 14515
Huron 2019 Number of parent/caregivers registered 1018
Huron 2019 Number of parent/caregiver visits 10073
Huron 2018 Number of children registered 590
Huron 2018 Number of child visits 1792
Huron 2018 Number of parent/caregivers registered 440
Huron 2018 Number of parent/caregiver visits 1918

Data sources

Huron County Children's Services Dept.

City of Stratford Children's Services Division

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