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Leisure & Culture


Leisure & Culture

Participation in arts, culture, and recreation activities greatly contribute to life satisfaction, and help shape our identity: who we are as individuals, communities and societies. Unfortunately, there are not many standardized indicators on arts and culture available at the local level, especially for small municipalities and rural areas like Perth and Huron. In the Canadian Index of Wellbeing table below, indicators report on participation in leisure and culture activities, library use, and employment in arts, culture and recreational industries. This table is supplemented with data from the Canadian Community Health Survey and Ontario Public Library Statistics.

Leisure and Culture Indicators

Category Indicator COUNTIES   REGIONS Ontario Canada
Perth Huron Rural West
Participation Average percentage of time spent on the previous day participating in leisure activities. 3.0E F   3.9 N/A 3.7 4.0
Average percentage of time spent on the previous day participating in arts and culture activities. F F   2.5 N/A 1.5 1.7
Percentage of population 18 years of age or older reporting at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week. a 57.4 58.5   54.0 52.5 54.9 56.0
Average number of nights away on a vacation trip in past year to destinations at least 80 km from home. 2.12 1.41   1.49 1.38 1.65 1.74
Library Opportunities Number of annual library programs per 1,000 population. 33.1 36.9   34.3 26.0 19.0 -
Annual program attendance per 1,000 population. 469.2 483.7   485.1 374.4 337.7 -
Number of culture days, poetry and story readings, and arts shows per 10,000 population. 2.6 2.0   6.0 6.3 5.4 -
Number of in-person visits to the library per 1,000 population. 80.6 62.2   109.8 92.8 99.5 -
Library internet connections per 10,000 population. 6.9 11.6   12.6 7.4 7.2 -
Total circulation of all library materials per 1,000 population. 158.8 104.9   170.4 151.7 175.5 -
Sector Employment Total labour force population aged 15 years of age and over in the arts, entertainment, and recreation industry [NAICS]. 2.8 1.6   2.0 2.4 2.1 2.0

 a  Based on Health Units, which approximate census divisions in most instances.
E  According to Statistics Canada, data should be used with caution.

F  According to Statistics Canada, data are too unreliable to publish.
Canadian Index of Wellbeing, University of Waterloo (July 2020) A Profile of Wellbeing in Perth and Huron Counties: Benchmarking Indicators of Wellbeing based on the CIW, Prepared for: Social Research and Planning Council operated by the United Way Perth Huron.


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