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The Environment domain reports on the state of the local ecosystem (i.e. forests, wetlands, natural areas and wildlife). Healthy ecosystems affect our wellbeing by providing safe drinking water, clean air, reduced stress, and opportunities for physical activities in parks and conservation areas. In the Canadian Index of Wellbeing table below, indicators report on fresh water, area of land cultivated, energy poverty and waste reduction. This table is supplemented with detailed beach water quality data from near-shore Lake Huron, residential waste rates and smog advisories.

Environment Indicators



Category Indicator COUNTIES   REGIONS Ontario Canada
Perth Huron Rural West
Fresh Water pH levels (based on 14-point scale where 7 is considered neutral). a 8.3 8.3   8.0 8.3 8.1 -
Land Area of land under cultivation (000s of hectares). 210 298   3,009 2,530 4,997 -
Percentage of land within each area under cultivation. 94.5 87.6   4.0 70.8 5.5 -
Percentage of land under cultivation across province. 4.2 6.0   60.2 50.6 100.0 -
Energy Energy poverty - percentage of households spending 6% or more of after-tax household income on home energy services. 30 40   41.3 30.0 27.3 -
Waste Reduction Percentage of total residential waste diverted by municipalities (includes Blue Box and other materials). 38.8 45.5   35.7 40.0 49.2 -

a  Pure water is neutral and has a pH level of 7.0. As the value fall below 7.0, water is increasingly acidic; as values rise above 7.0, water is increasingly alkaline.
Canadian Index of Wellbeing, University of Waterloo (July 2020) 
A Profile of Wellbeing in Perth and Huron Counties: Benchmarking Indicators of Wellbeing based on the CIW, Prepared for: Social Research and Planning Council operated by the United Way Perth Huron


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