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Democratic Engagement

The Democratic Engagement domain refers to the participation of citizens in public life, the functioning of government, as well as the role citizens and institutions play in the global community. In the Canadian Index of Wellbeing table below, the indicators report on Citizen Participation, Leadership, and Social Norms and Values. These indicators are supplemented with data reporting on municipal, provincial and federal voter rates.

Democratic Engagement Indicators

Category Indicator COUNTIES   REGIONS Ontario Canada
Perth Huron Rural West
Citizen Participation Percentage of eligible population that voted in the 2018 federal election. 68.0 72.4   68.6 66.9 67.8 68.3
Percentage of eligible population that voted in the 2018 provincial election. 60.3 63.5   58.4 56.8 56.7 -
Leadership Percentage of women MPs currently in federal Parliament. 0.0 0.0   17.4 28.0 31.4 27.2
Percentage of women MPPs currently in provincial Parliament. 0.0 100.0   15.4 36.0 37.7 -
Social Norms and Values Percentage of total expenses used by MPs to send communications to households in their ridings. 3.6 1.7   3.1 3.5 3.4 3.1

Canadian Index of Wellbeing, University of Waterloo (July 2020) A Profile of Wellbeing in Perth and Huron Counties: Benchmarking Indicators of Wellbeing based on the CIW, Prepared for: Social Research and Planning Council operated by the United Way Perth Huron.





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