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Community Vitality

Community Vitality

Community Vitality

The well-being domain of Community Vitality looks at the strength, activity and inclusiveness of relationships between residents, the private sector, the public sector, and community groups that foster individual and collective well-being. In this section, we explore three key quality of life indicators: perceptions of community belonging, safety and security, and participation in voluntary organizations.


Category Indicator COUNTIES   REGIONS Ontario Canada
Perth Huron Rural West
Social Engagement Percentage of population reporting somewhat or strong sense of belonging to community. a 79.5 78.9   73.4 71 70.8 68.9
Percentage of population reporting unpaid, formal volunteering for groups or organizations with family and / or friends. F F   30.6 N/A 28.8 28.4
Social Support Percentage of households occupied by a single individual. 27.8 28.2   27.7 28.2 25.9 28.2
Percentage of population with five or more close friends. 64.5 55.5E   53.2 53.8 53.7 51.8
Social Norms and Values Percentage of population providing unpaid help to others on their own. 90.9 F   79.0 N/A 81.7 81.0
Percentage of population that believe most or many people can be trusted. 56.9 47.3E   58.0 57.3 57.3 53.5
Percentage of population reporting experience of discrimination due to their ethnicity, race or sexual orientation. F F   12.1 N/A 14.9 13.4
Community Safety Crime Severity Index. 34.5 67.3   65.3 69.9 60.0 75.0
Percentage of population who feel safe walking alone after dark. 90.2 86.3   82.4 80.3 79.2 78.7

 a  Based on Health Units, which approximate census divisions in most instances.
E  According to Statistics Canada, data should be used with caution.
F  According to Statistics Canada, data are too unreliable to publish.

Canadian Index of Wellbeing, University of Waterloo (July 2020) A Profile of Wellbeing in Perth and Huron Counties: Benchmarking Indicators of Wellbeing based on the CIW, Prepared for: Social Research and Planning Council operated by the United Way Perth Huron.

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