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Stratford, Perth, St. Marys Housing

Stratford, Perth, St. Marys Housing

1. Community Housing

Community housing refers to housing that is owned and operated by non-profit housing corporations, housing co-operatives, and municipal governments. Community housing providers offer geared-to-income (RGI) and/or moderate market rents for eligible households. For the purposes of this data, community housing is synonymous with social housing.

Municipality December 2019
Stratford 726
St. Marys 99
North Perth 133
Perth East 30
Perth South  
West Perth 90
Total 1,078







2. Rent Support Programs

Rent supports are government-funded payments that bridge the gap between what a household can afford to pay and what the actual cost of housing is. Rent supports can be used for both private market and community housing units, depending on the type of support, the funding stream, and the program to which they are connected. These rental units constitute a non-permanent form of subsidized housing.

Type of Rental Support December 2019
Rent Supplement[1] 123
Housing Allowance[2] 56





3. Affordable Housing Units – New Construction (Since 2008)

‘Affordable housing’ refers to rental units constructed in which rents are maintained at or below 80% of Average Market Rent (AMR) for at least 20 years. This includes units built in both the community housing and private market sectors.

Municipality New Affordable Dwellings
Stratford 86
St. Marys 9
North Perth 8
Perth East 0
Perth South 0
West Perth 0
Total 103







4. Number of households on the Centralized Wait List.

The Centralized Waiting List (CWL) manages and processes all applications for rent-geared-to-income (RGI) housing in this Service Manager area.

Reporting Date Number of Households
December 31, 2013 226
December 31, 2014 175
December 31, 2015 183
December 31, 2016 227
December 31, 2017 352
December 31, 2018 372
December 31, 2019 412
December 31, 2020 276


Table 2

[1] Rent Supplement: A type of rent support that is tied to a particular unit, often in the private market. Eligible households pay a portion of the rent according to an income formula and the landlord receives a supplement for the balance of the market rent for the unit.

[2] Housing Allowance or Portable Housing Benefit: A housing benefit provided directly to eligible households, usually in the private market. It is tied to the household and moves with them.

Table 4

Wait time depends on size of accommodation required and location.

Data Source

Stratford CMSM (Consolidated Municipal Service Manager).

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