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Census of Agriculture

Census of Agriculture

Measurement and limitations

The Census of Agriculture is conducted every five years. The last such census was conducted on the same day as the census of the population on May 10, 2016.

Anyone who operates a farm, ranch or other agricultural operation that produces at least one of the products intended for sale including crops, livestock, poultry, animal products or other animal products, is required to complete the Census of Agriculture questionnaire. These farm operators are defined as persons responsible for the management decisions in operating an agricultural operation. These can be owners, tenants or hired managers of the agricultural operation, including those responsible for management decisions pertinent to particular aspects of the farm—planting, harvesting, raising animals, marketing and sales, and making capital purchases and other financial decisions. Not included are accountants, lawyers, veterinarians, crop advisors, herbicide consultants, and others who make recommendations affecting the agricultural operation but are not ultimately responsible for management decisions.

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