Invisible Infrastructure: The Loss of Faith Buildings in Ontario

Ever voted? Gone to an exercise class? Took your child to a group activity? Worked at or received assistance from a food bank? How many times did these activities take place in a faith-building (church, synagogue, mosque, gurdwara)?  What if that building was gone? Eighteen months ago the Ontario Trillium Foundation gave me the opportunity […]
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Where to Find Reliable Information About COVID-19

There has been no subject more widely discussed than the nature of COVID-19 and its effect on the world’s population. It is a subject that everyone wants to jump in on, everyone has an opinion or a theory. It has never been more important to us all to learn about this pandemic from reliable, trustworthy, […]
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2019 Living Wage

The concept of a Living Wage is bigger than income. It’s about quality of life. It’s about ensuring our neighbours can afford to pay their rent and buy nutritious food. It’s about ensuring our workers are healthy and able to pay for transportation to get to work every day. It’s about ensuring our children are […]
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Transportation to Work - Regional Dispersion

Travel from one county to another to work There is a lot of movement for employment; there are a lot of people travelling to other counties to work. Some counties send a lot of workers to other counties and some keep most of their workers near home.  Some counties such as Huron and Oxford have […]
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