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Housing Affordability - Ownership

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Housing Affordability - Ownership
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2 36500 136000 Perth
3 46500 173000 Perth
4 58700 219000 Perth
5 70200 261500 Perth
6 86100 320500 Perth
2 33600 125000 Huron
3 42500 158500 Huron
4 53100 198000 Huron
5 64700 241000 Huron
6 77500 289000 Huron

Data Source

Ontario Ministry of Housing,  2016

Measurement and Limitations

Home owners are divided by before-tax family income decile. Incomes are sorted from lowest to highest. The bottom ten percent are designated as the first decile. The second decile are those home owners in the second ten percent from the bottom. The ninth decile are those in the ninth ten percent from the bottom. Those in the tenth decile are those in the top ten percent of the income distribution.

Patterns and Trends

Without a substantial income families cannot afford to buy or own a house.

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