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Living Wage 2018

What does it take to make ends meet in Perth and Huron Counties? Living Wage looks to bring attention to an important issue

Living WageThe answer comes in the form of the newly calculated Living Wage for Perth and Huron Counties of $17.44 per hour. “We feel this is an important discussion to have in our communities,” says SRPC director Susanna Reid. “Numbers show us that about half of households in Perth and Huron aren’t earning a Living Wage. We want to let people know what a Living Wage is, the benefits it brings to families, how employers can become certified and how communities can engage and take action.”

Taking into account the monthly costs of a family of four with both adults working full-time for 35 hours a week once government transfers and deductions are considered, the Living Wage reflects the point at which a household in Huron and Perth can afford to meet its basic needs including food, housing, utilities, childcare and transportation. The Living Wage encourages families to participate in the economic and social life of their communities, is voluntary for employers and is adjusted regularly to reflect increases in the cost of living. The new standardized calculation applies province-wide across all communities that are part of the Ontario Living Wage Network.

Living wage“We support the Living Wage,” says MacLeods Scottish Shop (Stratford) owner Rob Russell. “It makes sense for our employees and for us. The Living Wage makes it easier to retain good people and employees can focus on being there for customers, not worry about choosing between paying the rent or buying groceries .” It aligns with our compensation philosophy of establishing a positive work environment and providing competitive wages which helps us attract and keep great staff; and we believe it strengthens the communities we passionately serve. We recognize different businesses will make their own decisions about the best way to contribute to the health of their communities and Libro encourages that conversation always.”

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