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Woodcock Brothers Certified as a Living Wage Employer

Woodcock Brothers Transportaion Group

Woodcock Brothers Transportation Group Certifies as a Living Wage Employer

Woodcock Brothers Transportation Group (Woodcock Brothers) is celebrating a milestone; they have been officially designated a Living Wage Employer in their community. 

“We believe in family,” says Kimberly Richardson, Manager of Human Resources at Woodcock Brothers, “And family takes care of family. We applied for this designation to encourage other organizations to consider compensating members of their work family with a Living Wage.”

The Living Wage is a calculation based on the living expenses of a family of four with both adults working full-time for 37.5 hours a week, once government transfers and deductions are taken into account. Everyday expenses included in the calculation are food, housing, utilities, childcare and transportation.

“It’s important that members of our team have the financial means to take care of themselves and their families,” Richardson adds, “Their well-being is paramount. It is our hope that by providing our team with a Living Wage they can continue to excel at their jobs without added stresses.”

“We’re very happy that Woodcock Brothers has taken this step,” says United Way Perth-Huron (UWPH) Executive Director Ryan Erb, “They are showing true leadership in their industry and demonstrating a real commitment not just to their team but to the United Way philosophy of building a strong community. We’re hopeful this is the first of many commitments from local businesses to certify as Living Wage employers.”

Woodcock Brothers Transportation Group is a family-owned and operated company in business since 1983. Dedicated to freight pick-up and delivery across Canada and the United States, Woodcock Brothers values professionalism, respect, family, safety and loyalty and strives to be an innovative and progressive business.

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