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Invisible Infrastructure: The Loss of Faith Buildings in Ontario

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Where to find reliable information about COVID-19

COVID MisinformationThere has been no subject more widely discussed than the nature of COVID-19 and its effect on the world’s population. 

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2019 Living Wage

2019 Living Wage Rate $17.55Research shows that a Living Wage helps improve the overall quality of life in a community. 2019’s Living Wage for Perth-Huron has been calculated at $17.55 per hour.

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How Much is Enough? The Impact of Low Incomes on Households and Communities in Perth and Huron Counties

How Much is Enough Full Report CoverThe How Much is Enough? report builds on previous research conducted in 2015 regarding the Living Wage in Perth-Huron.

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Transportation to Work - Regional Dispersion

Transportation to WorkThere is a lot of movement for employment; there are a lot of people travelling to other counties to work. 

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Newcomers Head for Big Cities

Big Cities New Comers When newcomers come to Canada, they head for the big cities, but there are reasons for them to settle in rural Ontario. 

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Living Wage 2018

living wageWhat does it take to make ends meet in Perth and Huron Counties? Living Wage looks to bring attention to an important issue. What does it take to make ends meet in our community?

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Sanctuary for Refugees

GroupRefugees are a unique type of newcomer, and represent some differing needs and challenges than the average newcomer to Perth and Huron Counties.

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Community Through Communication

New Comers StoriesLanguage is a major challenge for newcomers. From 2006-2016, Perth and Huron welcomed 1390 newcomers from other countries. International immigrants that arrived after 2006 currently represent about 1% of Perth and Huron Counties’ total population.

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Building a New Life in Perth-Huron

New Comers StoriesMaking the move to Perth-Huron can be an exciting opportunity. But for anyone moving to an unfamiliar place, building a new life is a daunting task.

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Woodcock Brothers Certified as a Living Wage Employer

Woodcock Brothers Transportaion GroupWoodcock Brothers Transportation Group (Woodcock Brothers) is celebrating a milestone; they have been officially designated a Living Wage Employer in their community. "We believe in family,” ....
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The minimum wage is now closer to a living wage for Perth and Huron 2015

Living Wage Story

A living wage is the hourly wage a worker needs to cover their family’s basic expenses: food, housing, utilities, transportation and childcare. According to the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives ...

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