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Single-detached dwellings
Semi-detached dwellings
Row houses
Apartments, duplex
Apartments, building that has fewer than 5 storeys
Apartments, building that has 5 or more storeys
Huron 2011 19565 580 630 200 2025 5
Perth 2011 20640 2045 960 855 3855 600
Huron 2016 19780 620 775 190 2200 5
Perth 2016 21300 2210 1255 885 4185 635


This indicator describes the types of homes that people own or rent in our communities.

Data Source

Statistics Canada - Census.

Measurement and Limitations

Every five years Statistics Canada carries out a census of the people of Canada. On May 10, 2016 a census was performed. All Canadian citizens and landed immigrants with a usual place of residence in Canada were counted. As well, non-permanent residents were counted. This includes: refugee claimants and their family living in Canada, as well as, permit holders (work or study permits) and members of their family living with them.

See: Census page

Patterns and Trends

Most of the dwellings are single-detached dwellings.

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