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Single Adult Households
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Single Adult Households
No. of households
No of one-person households
One Person Households (%)
No. of census families
Count of lone-parent families
Lone (Single) Parent Households (%)
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Perth 30710 8530 27.8% 21690 2830 13% 2016
Huron 24195 6815 28.2% 17090 1880 11% 2016



This indicator shows the different types of households in our communities and how common they are.

Data Source

Statistics Canada Census.

Measurement and Limitations

See: Census page

Patterns and Trends

The proportion of households occupied by single-parent families in Huron and Perth in typical for Ontario.

The proportion of households occupied by a single person is on the rise and is now the most common configuration - more than couples with children and couples without children at home.

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