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Ratio of renters/owners [103]
Total number of primary household maintainers by tenure [106]
Under 25 years
25 to 34 years
35 to 44 years
45 to 54 years
55 to 64 years
65 to 74 years
75 years and over
Huron 26.3% 12640 610 2665 3250 4930 5020 3710 3440
Perth 32.0% 29400 880 3945 4785 6615 5680 3745 3755

Data Source

Statistics Canada, 2011


103. Tenure - Refers to whether the household owns or rents their private dwelling, or whether the dwelling is band housing (on an Indian reserve or settlement).

106. Primary household maintainer - First person in the household identified as someone who pays the rent or the mortgage, or the taxes, or the electricity bill, and so on, for the dwelling. The order of the persons in a household is determined by the order in which the respondent lists the persons on the questionnaire. Generally, an adult is listed first followed, if applicable, by that person's spouse or common-law partner and by their children. The order does not necessarily correspond to the proportion of household payments made by the person. Age - Refers to the age at last birthday before the reference date, that is, before May 10, 2011.

Measurement and limitations

See: Census page

Patterns and Trends

There is a higher proportion of renters to owners in larger communities.

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