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Beach Data Geo Means
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Beach Data Geo Means
Beach Name
Amberley Beach 87.53 78.47 57.73
Ashfield Township Park Beach 69.41 64.49 47.62
Ashfield Township Park Beach R 114.78 114.78 114.78
Bayfield Main 39.49 32.37 23.03
Bayfield South 47.60 33.71 26.81
Black's Point 61.11 60.24 41.84
Goderich St. Christopher's Beach 103.99 101.27 92.99
Goderich Main 102.09 92.33 67.39
Goderich Rotary Cove 87.52 80.90 50.28
Hay Township Park 73.91 60.86 53.80
Houston Heights 65.59 54.01 32.93
Port Albert 82.88 68.97 41.50
Port Albert R 407.50 407.50 407.50
Port Blake 62.41 56.15 40.61
St. Joseph's Beach 74.50 69.64 50.86
STJC 412.31 412.31 412.31
Sunset Beach 31.61 24.90 28.53


  1. Water clarity is determined by measuring the turbidity of a water sample.  Turbidity is reported in units called a Nephelometric Turbidity Unit (NTU).  NTUs measure the degree to which light is scattered by particles suspended in a liquid.  As a point of reference, the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality directs operators to achieve a water turbidity of 0.1 NTU or less for drinking water. Prior to the use of a turbidity metre, water clarity was estimated based on the depth.
  2. Weather conditions is an estimate made by the beach students when they are collecting water samples at the beach.   Options include,
    1. Sunny
    2. Mostly Sunny (clouds <50% of sky)
    3. Partly Cloudy (clouds about 50%)
    4. Mostly Cloudy (clouds >50% of sky)
    5. Cloudy (completely overcast)
  3. Wind speed is km per hour and the data is obtained from the Environment Canada website.
  4. Rainfall data is obtained from the Environment Canada website
    1. Did rain fall
      1. In last 24hrs
      2. In last 48hrs
      3. Greater than 48hrs
    2. If the Environment Canada website includes the estimated amount of rain fall in millimetres, that information may also be included

Data Source

Huron County Health Unit

Measurement and Limitations

The Huron County Health Unit tests the water for E. coli at public beaches in Huron County. Water is constantly moving at the beach so a single water sample does not do a good job of describing the water quality for the entire beach. There are five water samples taken at each beach on a testing day. The results from these five water samples are combined using the geomean calculation to give a composite result for the beach. See the Huron County Health Unit website for more information on the beach water quality testing.

If there is an 'R' at the end of any of the beach names, it is referring to a sample taken in the nearby river.

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